Diary of a Serial Killer 2oo8


After reading a lecture on criminal psychology, Dr. Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver), a respected field expert on serial killers, is cornered in a lavatory by one of her previous subjects, the incurable hick psychopath Daryll Lee Cullum (Harry Connick, Jr.), who kills a police officer in front of and brutally attacks her. She becomes severely agoraphobic as a result, sealing herself inside an expensive hi-tech apartment, conducting her entire life from behind a computer screen and assisted by a gay male friend, Andy.

However, when a new series of murders spread fear and panic across her home city, each crime scene an imitation of a preceeding serial killer's modus operandi, tough tomboy detective M.J. Monahan (Holly Hunter) and her partner Reuben Goetz (Dermot Mulroney) solicit Helen's expertise. Initially reluctant, the doctor soon finds herself drawn into the warped perpetrator's game of wits, especially when she realises that she somehow figures quite prominently in his master plan. As the weeks draw on, the elusive assailent draws inspiration from more classic killers including Albert Desalvo, The Hillside Strangler, David Berkowitz, Peter K├╝rten, Ted Bundy, Edmund Kemper and Jeffrey Dahmer.


* Sigourney Weaver - Helen Hudson
* Holly Hunter - M.J. Monahan
* Dermot Mulroney - Reuben Goetz
* Harry Connick, Jr. - Daryll Lee Cullum
* William McNamara - Peter Foley
* J.E. Freeman - Lt. Thomas Quinn
* Will Patton - Nicoletti


The film received a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it 'fresh'. Roger Ebert, meanwhile, awarded it three and a half stars out of a possible four, citing Holly Hunter's character as one of the years most complex and engaging film creations.


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